Gause Azam Bamane Be saro saama’n madade
Qibla e deen madade Kaba e Ima’n madade

Mazhare Sirre Azal Gosha e Chashme Karame
Mahbate Faize Abad Waaqife Pinhaan Madade

Gushta am barg e khiza’n didaye aashob e jahan
Ae bahare karame gulshane imka’n madade

Gar shukuhat ba sar e ijz nawazi aayad
Lashkar e mor faraastad ba sulema’n madade

Na buwad dar do jahaan juz tu madadgar mora
Madade ay sar o sar karda e paaka’n madade

Zarra am chand tapad dar shab e zulmat be noor
Subhe rahmat karam e mahr e darakhsh’n madade

Aah az qafla e aehl e dila’n buz dooram
Naaqa am ra na buwad juz tu hadikhwa’n madade

Ma gadaeem tu sultan e do aalam hasti
Az tu darem tama’ ya shahe jila’n madade

Khak e baghdad buwad surma e binaaiye man
Dida am ra che kunad kuh’l e safaha’n madade

Himmat e kun baman ae baada kashe bazm e huzur
Saqi e maikada e aalam e irfa’n madade

Bul bule madh e sara e tu am ae rashk e bahar
Gul rue sayyed e aalam e imka’n madade

Intezar e karam e tust man “Ayni” ra
Ae khuda ju wa khuda bi’no khuda da’n madade


O Ghaus-e-Azam, come to our aid!
O Qibla of the faith, come to our aid at the Kaaba!

O Manifestation of the Secrets of Eternity,
O Corner of the Generosity of the Abode,
O You Who are Hidden and Ever-Present, come to our aid!

The autumnal winds have caused sorrow in the world,
O Springtime of Generosity, come to our aid in the garden!

If difficulties come with the power of authority,
May the army of the peacock spread peace and safety!

In both worlds, there is no helper except You,
O Holy One, come to our aid, You Who are the Master of Masters!

When a particle shines in the darkness of night,
May the dawn of Your Mercy grant the light of Your Splendor!

From the caravan of the people of the heart, I am far away,
And I have no steed except for You, O Guide of the Way!

We have always been Your subjects, O Sultan of the Two Worlds,
We are always at Your service, O King of the Realm of Existence!

The dust of Baghdad is like kohl to my eyes,
What can the mountain of pages do to restore my vision?

O cupbearer of the tavern of the exalted realm,
Strengthen my resolve, O dispenser of grace!

May the blossoms of praise for You be abundant, O envy of spring!
May the roses of the Master of the Realm of Existence bloom!

I await Your generosity, O Tust, with my eyes,
O God, You are the Giver, and You alone are the Giver!

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